Green Business Models vs Climate Models

The spectacular failure of the Greens' business models in connection with their insistent predictions of the certain success of bankrupt Solyndra and similar now-failed solar cell manufacturers forces one to wonder why anyone would now trust their climate models?  The modern business practice of forecasting production costs for new semiconductor manufacturing installations such as the Solyndra plant relies on variations of the "Cost-of-Ownership Model" developed by SEMATECH.  And yes, Solyndra's photovoltaic cells relied on copper-indium-diselenide semiconductor materials as the key active layer in their device.  This excerpt from provides a nice introduction to "Cost-of-Ownership" analysis and forecasting of production costs "Applications of Cost-of-Ownership With a few significant details, users can determine the life-cycle cost of owning a manufacturing tool. While the examples shown below are based on semiconductor manufacturing almost all manufacturing...(Read Full Post)