Gaddafi loyalists haven't quit yet

The chances of reconstituting the Gaddafi regime are nil, but that hasn't stopped loyal tribesmen from battling the new government's forces to a standstill in Bani Walid, and fighting rages in residential areas of Sirte. ABC News: Revolutionary fighters struggled to expand the offensive into Moammar Gadhafi's hometown Saturday with street-by-street battles and commanders seeking to break open a new front against loyalist forces fiercely defending the most symbolic stronghold remaining from the shattered regime. The fresh assaults into the seaside city of Sirte contrasted with a stalemate in the mountain enclave of Bani Walid where demoralized anti-Gadhafi forces tried to regroup after being beaten back by Gadhafi snipers and gunners holding strategic high ground. Sirte, however, remains the big prize for both sides. Anti-Gadhafi fighters backed by heavy machine guns and rockets tried to push through crowded residential areas in the city - on Libya's central Mediterranean coast - but...(Read Full Post)