Even More Large Corporate Dominance

A largely unnoticed consequence of the current economy will be large corporations dominating an even larger share of America. Large corporations are sitting on mountains of cash. Due to low interest rates, some are borrowing large amounts and sitting on those reserves waiting for opportunity. Their managements are cautious about making new investments with such a hostile anti-business administration. I don't blame them, for there's no telling what industry the administration will attack next week. Just to name a targeted few: automobiles, oil, insurance, investments, fast food restaurants, internet (sales taxes), tanning salons and drug companies. So the wise corporate CEO waits for a real bargain or a change in administration. In the meantime, small businesses are struggling, many closing. The little guy who prospered when the economy was strong cannot compete with the large companies' advertising budgets and economies of scale. The large corporations have the ability to absorb...(Read Full Post)