Europeans Dis Geithner. Who Wouldn't?

Is U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner ditzy or cheeky or some of both? The Washington Post reports that Mr. Geithner brought the true gospel of John M. Keynes to fellow -- if slacking - believers in Europe on Friday.  Speaking to European finance ministers at a conference in Poland, Mr. Geithner urged the ministers to double-down on economic disaster, just like his Styrofoam columns boss -- President Barak Obama -- wants to do in the United States.  "Your financial challenges in Europe are eminently in your capacity to manage financially, you just have to choose to do it," Geithner said at a conference after the closed-door meeting in Wroclaw, Poland, according to wire reports. Wow.  Geithner has to be a nervy guy to stand in front of an audience dispensing advice his boss and he don't follow.  And listening to Geithner must have been an instant of wry humor for Europe's beleaguered finance ministers.  Here's the U.S., floundering economically, up to...(Read Full Post)