Eric Holder's free-spending way with our money

Hasn't Barack Obama talked about "shared sacrifice"? Hasn't he talked about the need to trim government budgets and tackle the deficit? We know this is laughable -- and so does our Attorney General Eric Holder and the government employees at the Department of Justice. Thankfully, the Inspector General at the Department of Justice has more regard for taxpayers than Obama's pal over at Justice. Terry Markon at the Washington Post reports on the extravagance of the DOJ: Where does a muffin cost more than $16? At a government conference, it turns out. They may run just over $2 at your average coffee shop, but the Justice Department paid seven to eight times as much at a gathering it held at the Capital Hilton in Washington. And on Tuesday, the muffins seemed well on their way to joining the Pentagon's $600 toilet seat as symbols of wasteful spending. Justice Department auditors also criticized a $76-per-person lunch at a conference at a Hilton in San Francisco, featuring slow-cooked...(Read Full Post)