Egypt activists vow to take over US embassy in Cairo if we veto Palestinian statehood

This is a credible threat considering how they trashed the Israeli embassy earlier this month while the Egyptian army stood by and watched. And in case you haven't noticed, the Egyptian street - actually the Muslim Brotherhood and their salafist allies - pretty much run Egypt at this point. The report is from the Fars News Agency: According to a report by Palestine al-Yawm (Palestine Today) news network, the young Egyptians have posted a request on their Facebook webpage and blasted Barack Obama's speech after his presidency in Cairo in which the US President pledged a new approach towards Muslims. They said that the threat by the Obama administration to veto the Palestinian bid for UN membership revealed the realities about Obama and the fact they "he is a liar and is no different with his predecessors in supporting Israel and blatant violation of the Arab nations' rights". The Egyptian youths said the attack on the US embassy would serve as a strong message in response to the US...(Read Full Post)