Duck! It's a Flying Pig

When Anthony Weiner resigned his seat in the House, Democrats didn't spend much time worrying about keeping the seat.  But the electorate, and even some of the liberal media, are up for an other round of the same old, same old.  The New York Daily News is a liberal tabloid paper with a working class readership.  The seat in question is in New York City,  not the tony, ultra liberal bastions of Manhattan but still New York City.  It is heavily Jewish.  The Daily News admits than on the issue of the economy Turner is the stronger candidate and endorses him over local party hack Weprin. The Daily News endorses Bob Turner over David Weprin for Congress to replace Anthony Weiner After a private-sector career as a television industry executive, Turner has a real-world sense of the country's fiscal distress and of the pressing need to jump-start employment opportunities. Voters in the overwhelmingly Democratic Brooklyn-Queens district have responded well to...(Read Full Post)