Do we want another smooth talker? Or a doer?

Watching the debate, I'm admittedly taken in a bit by the smooth delivery of Mitt Romney and a bit disappointed in the rather halting, clumsy responses of Rick Perry to the inevitable attacks on the front runner. Romney is the better debater as he was in 2008 when he lost the nomination to the fumbling, bumbling McCain. But, and this is the big but, in this political horse race, when it comes down to deeds done, Perry is several furlongs ahead of Romney. Republicans only get elected in the Peoples' Republic of Massachusetts when the electorate is gagging on the latest Democratic outrage. Even then, Republicans do not win high office without having something in them that appeals to the basic liberal instincts of the average Massachusetts voter. Think Scott Brown. Think about this: can you name a hard-core conservative from the Bay State? Try going back a few years. Can you come up with even one even then? Somehow in my mind, the idea of electing a man to the presidency who was...(Read Full Post)