Crisis over Palestinian statehood bid is all Israel's fault

If you're looking for a classic textbook example of biased ''news'' coverage, look no farther than the Sept. 16 edition of the Washington Post, which features a front-page article on declining U.S. influence in the Middle East, as pointed up by the Palestinian bid for statehood at the U.N.  ("U.N. vote could test U.S. role in Mideast -- Leaders Brush off White House warnings on Palestinian initiative") The article, by Joby Warrick and Scott Wilson, puts the entire blame on Israel for the refusal of the Palestinian Authority to heed Obama administration entreaties to skip the UN as the road to a peace settlement and instead resume direct negotiations with Israel.  Yes, even though it's the PA that defies Obama, it's still Israel's fault.  And only Israel's. Here is how Warrick and Wilson manage to absolve Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas from any responsibility for the crisis with the U.S. and how they put the entire onus on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahua --...(Read Full Post)