Bibi refuses to apologize to Turkey for Mavi Marmara raid

Prime Minister Erdogan is livid but he really has no right to be. Those 9 Turkish citizens who died when their ship tried to run the Gaza blockade knew full well that the Israelis would try to stop them. That was the entire purpose of the exercise; to portray the Israelis in a bad light. And perhaps if they wanted to avoid casulaties they might have left the guns, knives, and clubs at home. At any rate, Prime Minister Netanyahu is refusing to apologize for the actions of the Israeli military and Turkey is retaliating: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday he would not apologize to Turkey over an Israeli raid that killed nine Turks on a ship bound for Gaza, reiterating his position after Ankara downgraded its relations with the Jewish state. Turkey on Friday froze all military pacts with Israel, expelled the Israeli ambassador and threatened legal sanctions after a U.N. report on the May 2010 raid failed to trigger an Israeli apology. The report said that Israel had used...(Read Full Post)