Bad news for Obama

Yesterday was a bad day for the president and his wide-eyed socialist utopian minions.  The bad news started with everyone waking up to the huge Democrat losses for the house seats in New York and Nevada.  Then there was more bad news about the European Union, followed by more bad news about Obama's drop in the polls.  Then his efforts to peddle his jobs creation bill to dumbed down college students in North Carolina went nowhere except with a few coeds who thought they were at a rap concert and got confused when they started shouting "I love you" to the would be rockstar in chief Then there was the news  about Obama's  strongman, David Axelrod,  reversing course and indicating the President would now consider options to his jobs bill- something totally 180 degrees different from the day before.  But the topper had to be the news about "Solargate", otherwise known as the Solyndra pay-to-play loan scandal   That is why, 9-14-11, may go down...(Read Full Post)