Abbas hailed as hero in return to West Bank

He calls it a "Palestinian Spring." No one bothered to tell him that if that were the case, his sorry butt would be swimming the Jordan asking King Abdullah for asylum after being deposed. Overthrowing the old order is what the Arab Spring is supposed to be all about Not matter. He thinks he's on a roll. Little does he realize that his unilateral effort to legislate a Palestinian state into existence will probably backfire. New York Times: Two days after seeking full membership for a state of Palestine in the United Nations, President Mahmoud Abbas returned to a hero's welcome on Sunday, telling supporters that they were part of a "Palestinian spring" and that he would resume peace talks only if Israel froze settlement building. [...] Here in Ramallah, thousands greeted Mr. Abbas at his office headquarters, waving flags, shouting oaths of loyalty and holding aloft his photograph. Mr. Abbas, a withdrawn and uncharismatic figure, is enjoying a wave of popularity because of standing up...(Read Full Post)