Abbas gets immunity at Wash. Post -- only Israel engages in 'hawkish, hard-line' moves

The Washington Post uses two entirely dissimilar narratives in its ''news'' coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict -- a polite, deferential attitude toward Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority ,  in sharp contrast to shrill, negative accounts of Benjamin Netanyahu and his government. The latest example can be found in the Sept. 17 edition in a lengthy article by Joel Greenberg and Joby Warrick about Abbas's decision to take his statehood bid to the UN Security Council ("Abbas formally says he will seek U.N. vote -- Palestinian statehood bid risks clashes with U.S. and Israel'' page A8). The main part of the story handles with kid gloves Abbas's speech Ramallah speech outlining his UN strategy.  There are copious quotes from the speech -- without any judgmental critiques by Greenberg and Warrick. It's only when they get around to possible Israeli retaliation if Abbas succeeds at the UN that they trot out a bundle of pejoratives in describing some of...(Read Full Post)