Yes, it's porn

The kid in the photo below, taken for French Vogue's most recent publication, is ten years old.  She is dressed up like a prostitute, complete with what are vulgarly termed "f**k me" stiletto heels.  Posed as a seductress with a prematurely suggestive, come-hither pout on her lips, she surely is alluring -- for pedophiles, that is. Is there anyone out there who defends the latest trend toward younger and younger fashion models outrageously posed as sexual bait for perverts? The answer, at least as far as fashion expert Anne Riley-Katz is concerned, is "Yes."  Ms. Riley-Katz, according to Fox Entertainment, said that while such photo shoots might indeed push boundaries, that doesn't mean they are wrong.  She relies heavily on the traditional hiding place for the fashion industry; namely the world of "art," which apparently is off-limits when it comes to the morality of portraying ten year old girls as sluts.  She says of art, apparently one of the few...(Read Full Post)