Will Obama blame 'terrorists' for the Dow decline?

Following Senate passage of the debt limit extension and President Obama's appearance on television, the Dow Jones Average declined 250 points for the day, close to 2%.   Mr. Obama, now that you have revealed to the world and the American people your unique management style in "solving" the debt ceiling debate, can we count on your finding a way to  blame those "terrorists" in the Tea Party movement for today's headlines? No doubt a few more prime time speeches to the nation and impromptu news conferences with your allies in the press will allow you tell us how you are working overtime, with many sleepless nights included, for a solution for problems that you most assuredly had nothing to do with as you have been President for only two and half years.  Further if those dastardly Republicans would just disappear you could remedy all of mankind's problems by raising taxes on the "rich". A list of the headlines today in the Financial Times, of the United Kingdom, that...(Read Full Post)