White House says 'We don't create jobs'

Did he mean to say they "can't" create jobs? That actually would have been the truth. Here's what press secretary Jay Carney said: Carney listed legislative priorities the president believes will create jobs, including an infrastructure bank, the passage of free trade agreements, and tax cuts. But he would not say what was being done to further those goals while Congress takes a month-long vacation. "The White House doesn't create jobs," Carney said, adding "the government, together - White House, Congress - creates policies that allow for greater job creation." Asked whether the White House could do more, Carney said "there is no silver bullet" to creating jobs - but he didn't answer the question. In other words, they don't have a clue. They've never had a clue. After trillions in stimulus and "qualitative easing" by the Fed, government has failed to create enough jobs to pull us out of this mess. Duh. By the way, this is the 7th time Obama has "pivoted" to the jobs issue: And...(Read Full Post)