UN building in Nigeria hit by huge car bomb (updated with pictures)

No claim for responsibility yet, but there are many likely suspects in the bombing of a UN Building in Abuja, Nigeria's capital. New York Times: Michael Ofilaje, a United Nations worker at the building, told The A.P. he saw scattered bodies. "Many people are dead," he said. The explosion "came from the basement and shook the building." Reuters quoted medical personnel at the scene as saying 10 people had died. Officials at the United Nations European headquarters in Geneva confirmed that the explosion had occurred but gave no details. A spokesperson for the children's agency UNICEF said it was still trying to account for all members of its staff there. Nigeria, a major African oil-producer, faces terrorism challenges from several groups including militants from the Niger Delta and from a radical Muslim sect called Boko Haram, which advocates the introduction of Sharia law in the largely Muslim north of the country and took responsibility for bombing the national police headquarters...(Read Full Post)