Two ships passing in the night...

A very good article in the Wall Street Journal by Joseph Rago about the contrasting worldviews of liberals and conservatives and why it was remarkable any deal at all was struck on the debt limit: Whatever the rhetoric that preceded this week's deal, the debt-ceiling debate was never really about the debt at all. It was about the terms on which the debate would continue. The "two different worldviews" that divide Washington, explains Eric Cantor, are too far apart for anything more than an armistice. Still, listening to the House majority leader-who says the deal is "not perfect" but "there were some achievements"-it's remarkable that the two parties were able to agree even to its modest terms. The "philosophical starting point" of today's Democrats, as Mr. Cantor sees it, is that they "believe in a welfare state before they believe in capitalism. They promote economic programs of redistribution to close the gap of the disparity between the classes. That's what they're about:...(Read Full Post)