The Price of Wishful Thinking

Two recent columns deal with Obama's ability to communicate.  Both are by people who were bewitched by Obama's 2008 performance and who have since learned the marketing of the candidate did not predict the performance of the president.  One is on the left, the other on the center right.  Emory Professor of Psychology and political consultant Drew Westen's four page New York Times opinion piece What Happened to Obama? reads in places as if the terms Republican, conservative and tea party are categories in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  Long passages also detail how other political leaders successfully manipulated the debate through the power of the stories they told.  The length and intellectual machinations caused one wit to comment if the professor is familiar with the concept of cognitive dissonance.  When he finally gets  to his point it is  that he has no idea what Obama actually believes or why he is doing what...(Read Full Post)