The Boondoggle Express

The largest construction boondoggle in recorded human history continues to unfold in the Central Valley of California. The initial segment of Obama's pet project, a high-speed rail line from Merced to Bakersfield, just had its first announced cost overrun. With costs jumping from $7.1 billion to a staggering $13.9 billion, the project now has doubled in price even before a single shovelful of earth is turned. Now that is the seat-of-the-pants, lets just make up a number, government contracting that the Democrats and the unions so dearly love. From SFGATE, the news website for the San Francisco Chronicle we read: The estimated cost of California's high-speed rail project is rising by billions of dollars. Environmental impact studies released Tuesday and obtained in advance by The Associated Press put the cost of building the initial segment at anywhere from $10 billion to $13.9 billion. That's sharply higher than the $7.1 billion estimate from 2009 for the Merced-to-Bakersfield...(Read Full Post)