Seal Team Six Heroes Killed in Afghanistan

When I read of the downing of the Chinook with Seal Team Six (or some of its members), I became at first frightened, and then livid.  I want people to know how military families feel about Biden announcing for the whole world the name of the group responsible for taking Osama bin Laden down. I am not naive enough to think the Taliban couldn't have found this out, but I am livid because the White House promised to keep its lips sealed about the OBL op.  This disturbs me much more than dropping of credit ratiing. We just buried a young soldier a few weeks ago in our small town.  We are the salt of the earth Americans who keep our country free.  I just thought one of your writers could speak for us whose loved ones serve.  Our son and our daughter serve.  One just returned from war and now our son is there again now. It cuts to the quick to think of those families who will not welcome home their sons. (Read Full Post)