Maureen Dowd's Loose Lips About Navy Seals Movie Causes Inquiry

Representative Peter King (R-NY) read New York Times writer Maureen Dowd's latest column and quickly penned a letter to Gordon S. Heddell, Inspector General at the Department of Defense. Dowd's no stranger to controversy but with her latest New York Times article she seems to have placed "Cool Hand Barack" in a rather awkward position. Dowd outed the administration's cozy arrangement with Oscar-winning couple Kathryn Bigelow and Mark Boal. The pair has a movie in production on the hunt and killing of Osama Bin Laden set to be released 3 weeks before voters head to the polls in 2012. Representative King has asked for an investigation into the "attendance of filmmakers at a meeting with special operators and Agency officers at CIA Headquarters." Dowd's revelatory column was published the day after Taliban forces launched a rocket-propelled grenade and shot down a helicopter over Afghanistan killing 22 Navy Seals from the same unit as the commandos who took out Osama bin Laden on May 1....(Read Full Post)