Rahm's race politics showing

Now that he is running Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanual apparently finds it necessary to play race politics. A scandal in Chicago Fire Department has him downplaying fraud, and suggesting that it would be more expensive to fire the alleged miscreants than the thievery uncovered so far -- a total of $100,000 stolen from Chicago taxpayers. It just so happens that 83% of the accused are black or Hispanic. Eric Zorn of the Chicago Tribune does an admirable job of explaining the complex situation: ...city Inspector General Joseph Ferguson found 54 employees in that division had submitted more than $100,000 in bogus expense claims in a single year - a brazen alleged theft of scarce public resources. Yet instead of vowing to make an example of the offenders to underscore his commitment to high ethical standards, Emanuel fretted that the expense of trying to fire them would likely exceed the amount of the loss, at least for that one year. "I've talked to the (fire) commissioner about dealing with...(Read Full Post)