Over the Cliff at Any Speed

"I'm an Englishman originally," Stuart Varney said last month on the Fox News Business Channel, "[I] Left England in the 1970s when it was clearly a socialist society I thought was indeed going straight down the road to serfdom. But politics and political change interfered in the form of Margaret Thatcher. She turned England around. Therefore, I would contest the view that we, I, America, are on the inevitable road to socialism."  Yet, despite Thatcher's reforms, the England of today remains a distressing, ongoing, example of big government gone wild. Socialism is a more of a mentality than a political system and once it sinks into the consciousness of a nation, it becomes a Herculean task to extricate that nation from its fatal influence , for it steadily and stealthily destroys its adherents without them realizing what is happening.  Back in 2006, Mark Steyn concisely summed up how the nanny-state mindset incrementally extinguishes the human spirit: "The state has...(Read Full Post)