On the hunt for Gaddafi

With a $1.3 million bounty on his head - dead or alive - and amnesty promised to any of his inner circle who betray his whereabouts, Muamar Gaddafi's days are probably numbered. But where to start looking? His hometown of Sirte is a possibility. He has very strong tribal and clan ties there. But the National Transitional Council (NTC) who is already setting up shop in Tripoli has made a deal with tribal elders in Sirte that they won't be attacked if they don't harbor their tribesman. Some believe he's not even in Libya anymore. He may have taken refuge in Sudan, where he would be most welcome by Sudan leader and fellow war crimes suspect Omar al-Bashir. Others speculate me might be in one of the deep bunkers in Tripoli. Wherever he is, the British SAS is on his trail: For the first time, defence sources have confirmed that the SAS has been in Libya for several weeks, and played a key role in coordinating the fall of Tripoli. With the majority of the capital now in rebel hands, the...(Read Full Post)