On Obama's orders, White House chef to prepare pork chops

President Obama is no doubt enjoying lots of delicious sea food in Martha's Vineyard -- lobster, scallops, that sort of thing. But when he's back in Washington, he'll be chowing down a favorite new meal prepared by the White House chef: gourmet-style Iowa pork chops! Specifically: "cinnamon brined grilled Iowa pork chops."  That's what Obama ordered during his recent visit to Iowa while staying in Davenport at the Hotel Blackhawk.  He loved the meaty chops so much that his staff requested the recipe from the hotel's chief, so that the chops could be added to the official West Wing menu. That's according to an amusing article by veteran newspaper columnist Bill Wundram in the Quad-City Times about how Obama pigged out on the heavenly chops that were 2-inches thick. Wundram tried the chops himself -- all to experience the pleasure of eating like a king. Interestingly, Obama initially ordered a New York strip steak, but then changed his mind. Or as...(Read Full Post)