Obama's new egghead

If you are in need of a good laugh, take a gander at the Bloomberg editorial lauding Obama's selection of "eminent labor economist," Alan Krueger to head his Council of Economic Advisors.  As if what our country needs right now is another big Obama helping of pointy headed academics. Especially a guy touted by nitwit economist Paul Krugman. Krueger is just another Keynesian wonk who has never worked a day outside of academia or a government office and who used to write for the New York Times (2000-2006). Here is Bloomberg's take on the return of Alan (Don't call me Freddy) Krueger: ...Barack Obama's choice of Alan Krueger...is an inspired one...He also has strong policy making credentials.....he helped devise the first stimulus program, the cash-for-clunkers effort, and the Build America Bond program....Krueger was on the right track when he called for a fresh round of infrastructure spending.... And these are positive attributes? Only a dyed-in the wool egghead would continue...(Read Full Post)