Obama's horrible Florida numbers

It is less than 15 months until the election and a lot can change between now and November 2012. But has an incumbent president ever overcome a disadvantage such as Obama faces in Florida? Ed Morrissey points us to this Magellan survey that has bad news, more bad news, and "we better keep sharp objects away from the president while he's reading this" news: Is it too early to say that Barack Obama has lost Florida? Not according to a new survey from Magellan Strategies, which finds the incumbent sharply under water in all key election categories. His job approval and re-elect numbers are an identical 37/57, while his "image rating" - favorability - is almost as bad: [...] Obama won Florida in 2008 by three points over John McCain in a close-fought battle. Turnout in that election favored Democrats by three points, 37/34/29. In 2010, as Republicans rebounded in the Tea Party midterms, the turnout evened up at 36/36/29. In the Magellan sample, Democrats have a three-point edge at...(Read Full Post)