Obama Solves the Illegal Immigration Problem

It pains me to acknowledge any successes of the Obama Regime.  Luckily for me -- though not for the country -- the Regime hasn't had many successes, so I have been spared having to endure much pain.  But I must credit the Regime with one: it appears to have solved the illegal immigration problem, at least here in California. Amazingly, since his glorious ascension in 2008, nearly a third of a million illegal immigrants have decamped California for elsewhere, mainly Mexico.  This leaves about 2.6 million or so in the state, which is roughly about 7% of the population.  But it's a major out-migration nonetheless. These folks are leaving not because of any major state crackdown on undocumented workers.  Remember, this is California, not Arizona!  No, it is because economic conditions under Obama's job-shredding Regime (amplified by Jerry Brown's farcical policies) have made the economy here worse than many places south of the Border -- such as down Mexico...(Read Full Post)