Obama: Going online costs jobs

In the 2 1/2 years President Barack Obama (D) has been in office unemployment has risen to 9.2 %.  And Obama knows why.    In addition to President George W. Bush, bad luck, the Japanese tsunami, the president of the United States once again  targets automation.    OBAMA: One of the challenges in terms of rebuilding our economy is - businesses have gotten so efficient, that, uh, when was the last time somebody went to a bank teller? Instead of using an ATM. Or, used a travel agent instead of going online. A lot of jobs out that that used to require people now have become automated. So why is the president out there campaigning in  a 40 multi million tax $$$ Canadian built bus entourage outfitted with the most up to date technology instead of a horse and buggy which would provide more jobs?  The latter would also leave less of a carbon footprint--or as Rush Limbaugh describes it    "That's just not a carbon footprint, that's...(Read Full Post)