Obama 2012; The 2011 bus tour 'Live'

The official video from Barry O's corn-belt bus tour is available now!  The thinly disguised campaign event, dubbed by Mitt Romney as the "Magical Misery Tour," was an attempt to re-package the failing former star to appeal us ordinary folks in fly over country.  The new look Obama had his shirt sleeves rolled up (in an attempt to look like he was ready to actually work) and wore tan slacks which by the end of his tour had not only lost their crease (gasp! how un-presidential), but were wrinkled!  Yep, this is the new Obama.  Can anyone imagine him saying things like "We can't eat our seed corn" during the 2008 campaign?   In this week's fire-side lecture, recorded live at the Country Corner Farm in Alpha, Illinois, Mr. Obama talked about how he had actually seen hard-working Americans during his tour and how much congress could learn from these folks in America's heartland. Hello from the Country Corner Farm in Alpha, Illinois! For the past few days,...(Read Full Post)