NY Times sanitizes, rationalizes terror attack at Tel Aviv nightclub

In the early Monday morning hours, a Palestinian terrorist commandeered a taxi in Tel Aviv, drove it to a packed nightclub and ran over several policemen before coming to a halt and stabbing several bystanders.  As he repeatedly stabbed Israelis, the terrorist shouted in Arabic, "God is great." But that's not exactly how the New York Times is reporting this terrorist rampage in the heart of Israel. In a dispatch posted on the Times' website, Jerusalem bureau chief Ethan Bronner is ever so careful not to impute any terrorist impulses to this bloody-minded terrorist.  In fact, Bronner bends over backwards to rationalize what may have prompted him to aim for a nightclub packed with a thousand teens at an end-of-summer celebration. In his lead paragraph, Bronner reports that "a Palestinian man from the occupied West Bank wounded eight Israelis early Monday...." Note that the attack was not carried out by a "terrorist" on a murderous rampage.  It was a "Palestinian man"...(Read Full Post)