NY Times peddles revisionist view of Arab Spring as full embrace of Palestinian cause

If one believes the New York Times, the Arab Spring revolt against autocratic rulers is turning into all-out support of the Palestinian cause. And, as a result, there's new, justifiable hope for Palestinians to achieve statehood. Or, as Mideast correspondents Anthony Shadid and David Kirkpatrick put it in an Aug. 10 dispatch:  "In all the tumult of the Arab revolts, one of the most striking manifestations of change is rejuvenated embrace of the Palestinian cause."  ("In Tumult, New Hope For Palestinian Cause" page A8). Strange, but most observers of the Arab Spring have conveyed a totally opposite impression -- that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been almost totally absent from the reform cries of protesters in Egypt, Syria, Yemen and other Arab nations. But that doesn't deter Shadid and Kirkpatrick from their dubious thesis.  So, they point to a shack in Lebanon selling posters commemorating a May 15 protest march by Palestinians to the Israeli...(Read Full Post)