NY Times disregards facts in piling on Israel, hyping Egyptian-Israeli tensions

The killing of three Egyptian border policemen set off a mini-crisis between Israel and Egypt.  At this writing, there are two plausible scenarios for what exactly happened.  Did Palestinian terrorists fleeing into Egypt after a killing spree in Israel continue to fire at random against possible Israeli pursuers and instead hit the Egyptian cops?  Or did an Israeli airstrike targeting the terrorists accidentally hit the three policemen? Israel promptly expressed regret over the deaths of the Egyptian policemen, the IDF launched its investigation, and Israel invited Cairo to follow up and conduct a joint investigation with Israel.  While Egyptian ministers went into PR overdrive to castigate Israel and Cairo mobs protested at the Israeli Embassy, behind the scenes Egypt and Israel maintained diplomatic contacts, the Egyptian cabinet is reported to have rescinded a plan to recall its ambassador, Egyptian diplomats began efforts...(Read Full Post)