Nets Downplay Paul Finish in Ames Straw Poll

This last Saturday I watched the news coverage of the Ames Iowa Straw Poll on National and local television. I was down with the tail end of a summer cold and had plenty of time to watch. I alternated between the FOX News Network, MSNBC, and local news coverage in hopes that I could find a realistic view of what was actually happening and what the mood of the American People (using Iowa Voters as a benchmark) was. After many hours of watching I came to a startling conclusion. The real story is not the results but the news coverage. As those of you who have kept abreast of the situation know, Michele Bachmann took first place with Ron Paul as second by around one hundred and fifty votes. Between the two of them, that total accounted for over half of all votes cast in this straw poll. Tim Pawlenty came in third and Rick Santorum was a fourth place on the total. The other candidates filled out the division of the rest of the votes with Mitt Romney taking a miniscule number and Rick Perry...(Read Full Post)