Mexico mourns 52 dead in casino attack

As far as imagination goes, the drug gang terrorists are easily the equal of al-Qaeda when it comes to creating new and terrible ways to inflict mass casualties. Yesterday, they attacked an upscale restaurant/casinio and killed 52 people - mostly women. The BBC: People here are still reeling from the shock of seeing their city, once known to be one of the safest in Latin America, become the scene for the first massive attack on innocent civilians in the history of Mexico's complex drugs conflict. The Casino Royale, now guarded by the army, is close to collapse after flames engulfed it. The smell of burnt plastic and wood lingers on. The facade was torn down by a crane from a nearby construction site as desperate casino employees tried to reach those who had gone back into the burning building to avoid being attacked by the gunmen. They had not realised that the emergency doors were locked, turning the building into a death trap. "We found the bodies in toilets, offices, in places in...(Read Full Post)