Lessons from the Berlin Olympics

Seventy five years ago today, the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games began.  Although the Berlin Games are notable for myths -- Jesse Owens, the black American runner who won four gold metals said that FDR, not Hitler, had snubbed him, contrary to the invented history of leftism -- these games were just as notable for showing the world how evil masquerades as good.   The timing of the games was critical.  In 1936, virtually all German territorial demands were for territories with Germans who wanted to be part of the Third Reich.  The Saar plebiscite of 1935 returned formally to Germany that slice of highly industrialized territory at the nexus of Belgium, France and Germany.  The Nazi occupation of the Rhineland was nothing more than the military occupation of land which was part of the Weimar Republic.  The voters of Danzig and of Memel voted in pro-Nazi governments.   Hitler, in 1936, had really not engaged in international aggression towards...(Read Full Post)