Labor Department Declares War on Phantom Discrimination

"Pay discrimination continues to plague women and people of color in the workforce," claims  Patricia A. Shiu, a member of President Obama's National Equal Pay Enforcement Task Force. There is some difficulty with the claim: an utter absence of data proving that the stated problem is an actual problem. Ms. Shiu has committed a logical error common to ideologues--declaring something true because the ideology dictates that it must be true. Lower pay plagues women the way in which they are plagued by a slower climb up the corporate ladder due to spending less time climbing in favor of spending more time birthing and caring for youngsters. But any intelligent discussion of genetically-programmed behavior is wasted on gender fairness zealots. Liberals have decided that alleged pay discrimination must be fixed. And Shiu has a proposal, but not a proposal for a fix, a proposal to "[gather] better data, which will allow us to focus our enforcement resources where they are most needed."...(Read Full Post)