Keep government out of the way of job producers

Legacy media and other liberals are atwitter over the President's proposed "jobs plan," which he'll announce upon return from his latest vacation. They are hoping against hope that more centralized planning and fiddling by the federal government is the answer to both high unemployment and Obama's re-election chances. Will the proposals be based on the premise of growing the economy by encouraging production, employment, saving, and investment? Will the plan entail a return to a free market and a sound currency? Will it be about encouraging and rewarding profits-and hence employment-and reducing corporate and other taxes in order to free more capital for private, productive investment? Unfortunately, these are rhetorical questions. The "plan" will be Washington-centric. Among other things, it will likely include creation of yet another large, new federal bureaucracy, dubbed an Infrastructure Bank, extensions of the payroll tax "holiday," extension of unemployment benefits, and "jobs...(Read Full Post)