Did American Military Overinvolvement Hasten Europe's Cultural Decay?

It has always seemed to me that the reflexive argument for American military intervention in other nations rests on shaky ground. Contending that the United States must "police" the world, "build" nations, "spread" democracy, and "fight" for other people's freedom sounds convincing, even lofty. But sacrificing human and economic treasure to fight for people who've shown little willingness to fight for themselves smacks of contrived moral superiority and is logically indefensible. I thought of the talking points when a reader called my attention to a post on Andrew Breitbart's Big Government website. The author presents one of the best arguments that I've seen for severely curtailing U.S. military involvement across the globe. Jason Ivey observes: Britain and other European states became the rotting cultural cesspools they are today because of the American military. Thanks to our superiority, none of these other Western nations had to train men to fight, nor did...(Read Full Post)