Is Assad next to go?

It is to be devoutly wished but is probably not in the immediate future. The Telegraph's Michael Weiss: Now that portraits of Muammar Gaddafi have been perforated with rebel bullets, it's worth asking how Syria's president, Bashar al-Assad, must be feeling this morning. Like Gaddafi, the Syrian dictator has spent the last five months waging war on own his own population, albeit to an even more gruesome degree: Assad has made good on the threats which the Mad Dog only muttered about. Like Gaddafi, he now faces credible charges of crimes against humanity matched by an almost total diplomatic isolation on the world's stage. (Only Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps and Hezbollah remain the Syrian state's stalwart defenders; Iran has reportedly cut off funds to Hamas for failing to stand up for their tottering patron.) Also like Gaddafi, Assad's engaged in a risible propaganda campaign attended by hollow calls for "reform" and democratisation. New elections, Assad said in response to...(Read Full Post)