Iran cuts Hamas funding for not supporting Assad

How bad is Syria's President Assad? When the bloodthirsty cutthroats in Hamas can't stomach your tactics, you know he is beyond the pale. But that doesn't suit the Iranians who, according to a report published in the JTA, have partially cut funds to the Gaza terrorists for not holding demonstrations in support of the Syrian dictator: Iran has at least partially withdrawn funding from Hamas over the Gaza terrorist group's refusal to hold rallies in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad, a news service reported. The Reuters report cited diplomatic sources who claim that intelligence briefings show that Iran has cut its funding to Hamas over the last two months. Iran's actions, the sources said, is due to Hamas' leaders refusal to throw rallies in Palestinian refugee camps in Syria in support of Iranian ally Syrian President Bashar Assad. On Tuesday, Hamas dispersed 150 protestors demonstrating against the Syrian military's bombings of the Al-Ramel Palestinian refugee camp during its...(Read Full Post)