If the best hair wins...

An old adage of presidential politics is that the nominee with the best hair usually wins. Ike was a notable exception, but it is probably fair to say that good hair is a plus. It so happens that a very convincing indicator exists as to which presidential contender has the best hair: Michele Bachmann. Joanna Molloy of the New York Daily News writes: (hat tip: Ann Althouse, Big Fur Hat) Top stylists from New York to Hollywood told me their liberal clients are guiltily requesting the Bachmann Look. "A lot of clients have asked for Sarah Palin hair in the past four years, and now, it's Bachmann," says Andi Scarbrough of Byu-ty Hair Therapy in L.A. "Politicians are the new celebrities, because they're real. They didn't just spring up out of the red carpet." However, she admits, "I have women who come in with photos with the face cut out sometimes." "She has great coppery color that warms her up a little bit," said Angelo David at his E....(Read Full Post)