Humans to Blame for Mass Extinction

Amid all the debt limit and budget news last week, you may have missed this nugget.  The human race is causing the sixth mass extinction in earth history.  It seems that those discredited, zany, and extremely well-funded climatologists have no corner on conceit or hokum.  Biologists now want in on the action.   The Philadelphia Inquirer reported last week that biologists are alarmed about humans killing off the world's fauna - or most it, anyway. Biologist E.O. Wilson once pondered whether many of our fellow living things were doomed once evolution gave rise to an intelligent, technological creature that also happened to be a rapacious carnivore, fiercely territorial, and prone to short-term thinking. We humans can be so destructive that some scientists believe we've now triggered a mass extinction -- one that in several hundred years will rival the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs. Quite a whopper of a claim -- human actions rivaling the asteroid...(Read Full Post)