Hamas fires dozens of rockets into Israel; IDF responds

The fallout from the terrorist attack near Eliat last Thursday continues to be felt. Israel retaliated for that attack that killed 8 by targeting Hamas training centers in Gaza. Hamas responded to the IDF raid by launching dozens of rockets over the weekend, killing one and wounding dozens. And into this poisonous mix, there is the incident across the border in Egypt on Thursday where 5 Egyptian police were killed when they engaged the IDF who were in hot pursuit of the Eliat attackers. The attack and subsequent diplomatic row over the border incident has the region in an uproar, as I point out in a FrontPage.com article today: Opposition leader Tzipi Livni​ said on Friday, "The border with Egypt is no longer a peaceful border and we need to change the way we treat it." Egypt denies claims that the terrorists infiltrated into Israel from the Sinai, and also scoffs at the notion that the border security has weakened in the region since the fall of Mubarak. Israel thinks that the...(Read Full Post)