Greece Outlawing Shariah Law?

Reports are coming from Greece that Shariah Law will be abolished with regard to Greek Family Law. These reforms are being met with applause from many people in Greece and around the world. This will mean that in Greek civil courts, Muslims, who are the only state recognized minority, will not be able to use Shariah law to establish the right of polygamy and the inequality of Muslim women to men. The Greek courts will also use Greek laws to regulate the family and hereditary relations of all Greek citizens. By enacting this law the consequences include the elimination of the judicial authority held by the Mufti who will only remain as the religious leader of the Greek Muslims. In support of anti-Shariah law the National Committee on Human Rights has stated that Shariah Law actually abuses the rights and values of all Greek Muslims rather than protecting them. The Committee has determined that Muslim Shariah law is not compatible with the Greek Constitution as these national laws...(Read Full Post)