Gaddafi spotted in Zimbabwe as Libyans pick up the pieces

The Daily Mail is reporting that opposition groups in Zimbabwe have spotted Libyan dictator Muamar Gaddafi at a compound outside of Harare: President Mugabe's political opponents claim their spies saw Gaddafi arrive in the country on a Zimbabwe Air Force jet in the early hours of Wednesday morning. They say the Libyan dictator was taken to a mansion in Harare's Gunninghill suburb, where agents from his all-female bodyguard were apparently seen patrolling the grounds. 'There's no doubt that Gaddafi is here as a 'unique guest' of Mugabe,' a spokesman for Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change told the Sun. If he has left Libya, Gaddafi could have fled from an airbase in his home town of Sirte, which has been bombarded by Nato warplanes in recent days. The colonel's bunker in the coastal town was blitzed by cruise missiles fired by British Tornado jets on a long-range sortie last night. Meanwhile, a grisly discovery of up to 150 rebels massacred outside of Tripoli: The...(Read Full Post)