Gaddafi pledges 'martyrdom or victory'

So the rebels have Gaddafi's compound. But NATO air strikes continue around Tripoli and even in the compound, snipers are still taking potshots at rebels - or should we call them "government forces" now? BBC: Wednesday morning saw what appeared to be new Nato air strikes in and around Tripoli, our correspondent adds. Known pockets of resistance in the capital include the Abu Salim and al-Hadba districts, and near the Hotel Rixos, where 35 foreign nationals, most of them journalists, have been confined by pro-Gaddafi forces. Fighting has also been reported in the southern desert city of Sebha which has strong Gaddafi family connections. In a radio speech rebroadcast on a Libyan satellite TV channel, Col Gaddafi pledged "martyrdom or victory" in the fight against Nato and the Libyan rebels. He said his compound had already been destroyed by what he said were 64 Nato air strikes. Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim also spoke to Al-Urubah TV, saying 6,000 volunteers had arrived in Libya to...(Read Full Post)