ESPN's double standard on political commentary from employees

It's pretty obvious why ESPN - the giant sports broadcasting cable network owned by Disney, Inc. - would chastize one of their on air golf commentators for his criticism of Obama. But less obvious is that when the target is a Republican or conservative, it's a whole different ballgame. Former golfer, now analyst Paul Azinger tweeted a gentle and humorous barb about Obama - and his bosses came down on him like a ton of bricks: ESPN is coming down on Paul Azinger for mocking President Obama on Twitter. The golf analyst tweeted Thursday the commander in chief plays more golf than he does - and that Azinger has created more jobs this month than Obama has. On Friday ESPN 'reminded" Azinger his venture into political punditry violates the company's updated social network policy for on-air talent and reporters. "Paul's tweet was not consistent with our social media policy, and he has been reminded that political commentary is best left to those in that field," spokesman Andy Hall told...(Read Full Post)