Deep Fried Messiah

That cocky new Republican rooster strutting around the barnyard has chicken liberals throwing hissy fits all over the hen house. Since that big ol' Red State Rick announced he wants to rule the roost from that comfortable white coop in Washington, liberal biddies are squawking up a storm, screaming foul at all that unfair Texas egg production he's bragging about.  With it looking more and more like their own cock-of-the-walk is really a Chicago capon, there's a whole lot of nervous clucking coming from progressive poultry pens. Seriously, now that Rick Perry is in the race, it's simple to see who the liberals fear the most by their voluminous output of anti-Perry propaganda.  Just Google Rick Perry's problem and see all the supposed problems they're finding.  They're hammering him on his faith, his Texan pedigree, his accent, his academic history, his being another George Bush, his rich cronies, his failed legislative attempts and his leadership record.  Meanwhile,...(Read Full Post)